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Flair & Fine Care Insight April 2023

April 2023 at Flair & Fine Care

Flair & Fine Care Insight

It has been an exciting month at Flair & Fine Care. Rounding off another successful month of business, we celebrated Easter with our extended FFC family. It was a time to rejoice, to be thankful, so life extends beyond the soil of the earth. We received a lot of pictures from our dear participants who want to share their joy with us. Have a peep through this happy and celebrated event in the HOP of happier and brighter rest of the year ahead.

On the Dias: Team Member Highlight:

Consistent and Compassionate: CocoConsistent and Compassionate Coco

Huanfen Jiang (Coco) joined Flair & Fine Care in September 2020, and since then, she has been an inseparable part of our company. She brings a positive attitude and outlook to the lives of her clients through her consistent and compassionate support. She is one of those team members whom Flair & Fine Care is undoubtedly proud of. She is punctual, dedicated, and supportive and gels in well with her clients. Her positive demeanour is much appreciated by all.

She has recently got enrolled in Certificate IV in Disability through Flair & Fine Care’s Traineeship to brush up her care skills with relevant education.

She believes that working in the Disability sector “can help those who need it, and it’s a great pleasure to see that your efforts are transmitted to those in need.”

Working with Flair & Fine Care “has comprehensive support and training. All team members help and learn from each other. The working atmosphere is warm like a big family. FFC let me continue to grow in the field, so I like my job more and more.”

Participants’ Arena: The Merry Marryanne

The Merry Marryanne

Meet our gorgeous participant Maryanne, an integral part of our FFC Family since November 2020. Always smiling, Maryanne is the true example of how dedication towards independence can change whole circumstances.  She is a fighter against all odds, and we are amazed to witness her steady progress towards independence. A shout-out to support team members Ria, Flora, Jamillah, Kursha and Cathy to bring her into this happy headspace for going out more frequently.

Because You are Precious

disability support with NDIS daily activities and daily personal activities

Live Independently with Our Disability Support Every Day

Flair & Fine Care’s goal is for participants to achieve the highest level of independence possible when performing daily personal activities. After setting a plan based on the participant’s choices, goals, and needs, we decide what kind of support fits the participant. We tailor our disability support to match the participant’s plan and maximize their independence.

What is Happening Around?

Phillip Island

Phillip Island, a Future “Sensory Inclusive” Town


Phillip Island is going to become the first tourist town in Australia to officially become “sensory inclusive” with dozens of businesses providing specialised training in identifying sensory overload and making shops, attractions and restaurants a safe place for people suffering from conditions like Autism, stroke, dementia and PTSD.