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Assistance with Social and Community Participation

Assistance with Social and Community Participation

All individuals enjoy attending local events in their town because doing so builds relationships and increases independence. Community events are fun to attend and learn from, but they may be difficult for disabled individuals to participate in given their unfamiliar logistics. Read on to learn how Flair and Fine Care helps those who want to be part of community events but require support during the process.

Personalized Support Workers

Every individual is paired with a worker who best fits their needs. Our workers value being gentle, patient, and caring with participants. Not only does this build a relationship and deeper understanding between the worker and the individual, but it also helps our participants grow in the community. 

Our workers collaborate closely with family members and coordination teams. Flair and Fine Care encourages family members to be part of the process every step of the way so they feel confident in our workers. Support workers are funded through the NDIS plan to go to activities or events with participants. This support includes going to center-based or community events. Depending on the individual’s needs and care level, we offer standard and high-intensity rates. 

The funding for social and community participation goes to the social worker to help with:

  • Transportation to and from the activity
  • Attending the event 
  • Assisting the individual during the class like communication or physical support during activities
  • Supporting personal care situations at any time during travel or an activity

The amount of support the participant needs is determined when building their plan and goals. The paid rate for support workers varies depending on the day of the week, time, the intensity of support level, and the number of support workers available. 

Types of NDIS Community Participation

Our workers go with individuals to a variety of events in the community. NDIS community participation includes events such as:

  • Attending sporting events
  • Attending seminars for life skills or other similar classes
  • Going to the community library
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Movies, concerts, and other events

Our support workers help with transportation to the community or recreational activities for our participants. 

Why Involvement is Important

Besides enjoyment, participants need to be able to experience the benefits of going to events in their community. Participants increase their sociability through activities other community members participate in. NDIS community participation encourages individuals to learn how to be team players and volunteer when needed. This skill helps participants in the future when getting a job or helping others within their community. 

Participation in the community teaches individuals the importance of punctuality when attending an activity. Being involved in the community increases mental and physical health. Our support workers focus on the participants getting one step closer to doing activities independently. 

Get the Most Out of Community Participation with Flair and Fine Care

At Flair and Fine Care, we provide excellent support workers to transport and help individuals during community events. Being able to be active in the community boosts social skills and allows disabled individuals to have more independent and healthy lives. Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs.