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August 2022 at Flair & Fine Care

August 2022 at Flair & Fine Care

Flair & Fine Care sponsoring Charity Organisation “I’m Just A Man”

Flair & Fine Care sponsoring Charity Organisation “I’m Just A Man”

Flair & Fine Care is proudly collaborating with the non-profit, charity organisation “I’m Just A Man”, to bring the desired change in mental health awareness and wellbeing in general. We understand that our support workers travel a rocky road while supporting the NDIS participants throughout their journey toward a better living conditions, engaging with their daily life challenges, and devising innovative strategies to keep them motivated. Our support team has always been advised to seek support from our in-home therapist whenever they feel overwhelmed.

To support “I’m Just A Man” is also a step taken by Flair & Fine care in this regard, to voice the legacy of ensuring and supporting workers’ mental health.

If you want to attend the “I’m Just A Man Gala Campaign” a fun night, visit the link here

Giorgi Khunashville

On the Dias: Team Member Highlight

Resilient and Consistent: Giorgi Khunashville

Giorgi started working with Flair & Fine Care as its first-ever employee in 2019. Since then, nothing less than impeccable resilience, continuous improvement, an urge to learn more, and a desire to provide quality care has been shown up by this amazing gentleman. He is grown into a wonderful support team member, who aims to build confidence and independence in the participants he works with.

Want to know what Giorgi has to say about working in Flair & Fine Care? Click the link below:

Participant's Arena: Edward Blackett

Meet our handsome client, Edward Bleckett, an integral part of our FFC Family. He has shown a tremendous improvement in just a few months, by taking care of his physical well-being.

What a joy seeing him out of the four walls, walking around, feeding birds, smiling and shining. We are equally grateful to Rachel, who works with Eddie, and motivates him to progress towards independence.

Edward Blackett
What is Coercive Control?

Because You are Precious: What is Coercive Control?

“Coercive control” is a range of behaviours utilised by an individual person to gain and/or maintain control over another person. The goal of the perpetrator is: To devalue their target.

The behaviour has a cycle that includes love bombing, a pattern of devaluing a person, this then leads to isolation and persecution. The goal of the behaviour is to make the recipient fall for them and create an emotional need. 

As a support worker, what is the duty of care?

What’s happening around? “When the World Turns” at Arts Centre Melbourne

What’s happening around? “When the World Turns” at Arts Centre Melbourne

Arts’ Centre Melbourne is showcasing, ““When the World Turns”, a theatrical experience, specially designed for young people, and children having complex disabilities, leading them to a sensory state of mind and body via play. The venue is wheelchair accessible, with free parking and a Changing Places Toilet.

To find out more about this wonderous adventure, follow the link below