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Flair & Fine Care December 2022 Blog

December 2022 at Flair & Fine Care

Wishing everyone an awesomely fabulous New Year. It is the time of the year when we take off our shoes, reflect on the gains and losses of the past year, and prepare for the upcoming year, a fresh start with revitalised energy. May this year bring Happiness, Peace and Prosperity to all. 

We truly appreciate our support team who tirelessly and passionately gives the soul of true community services a face. This is how it should be.

We equally appreciate our valued clients who own Flair & Fine Care and provide their candid feedback, providing us with the opportunity to improve and take pride in what we are doing.

On behalf of Flair & Fine Care administration, we would like to thank the Support Coordinators, Plan managers, team members and most importantly, the participants in our care, what you have achieved in the previous year and look forward to a new year, filled with determination and commitment to our shared goals. 

Let’s send the last year off with the drowning sun, in the hope to see brighter days ahead.

Kind Regards,
Huma & Ramna – Managing Directors

Flair & Fine Care Insight
Christmas Festivities

The essence of gift-giving is transcendent that gently makes the soul smile

Flair & Fine Care loves to share the festive spirit of Christmas with our FFC family and to make it more fragrant, we decided to send the candles to all of them. To all our beautiful clients and team members! Thank you for accepting the little present for Christmas. Together we will unwind, relax, and settle into an enjoyable new year.

On the Dias: Team Member Highlight

Anmol means Precious and this is what She is

Anmol at Flair & Fine CareSince joining Flair & Fine Care as one of the pioneer support team members 3 years ago, our then 19 years old Anmol, has marked her impression as a diligent, persistent, and dedicated worker. She aims to provide a person-centred approach and empowers the clients to reach their goals. Upright and dedicated, she always covers the extra mile for the participants she works with. Popular among children and elders alike, Anmol is a valuable part of the FFC team

Anmol speaks about her dedication to working with NDIS participants

“To be honest, I didn’t choose this profession, but disability support work has chosen me”

I grew up supporting my disabled sister since I was 14 years old. When I came to Australia, my first job was working in supportive resident services, and I believed to continue work as a support worker for whoever needed me to change people’s lives in a good way as much as I can. Gradually, in this field, I have seen myself growing as a better and more helpful human being. I always get the right motivation to do as much as i can for my disabused clients. I learnt a lot from my clients and tried to provide support to them the way they deserve it. I believe, working as a support worker is a real blessing for me.”

She shares how she feels about being a part of Flair & Fine Care as a team member. “Flair and fine care have become a huge piece of my family now. I always got appreciated and motivated by FFC to do more and more every day in my profession and even in my personal life.”

Participants’ Arena:

The Bright and the Beautiful, Brenda Kilroy

Meet our bright and beautiful participant, Brenda, who is an integral part of our FFC Family. She has been with Flair & Fine Care for almost 2 years. With the support of her dedicated support worker, she is gradually building her capacity each day. Brenda has a strong focus on her mental health, art and craft, community engagement and everything that improves her quality of life in general.  What a pleasure to see the willingness to video graph the review for Flair & Fine Care, which shows a tremendous improvement in her social skills. 

Want to know what Brenda said about Flair & Fine Care? Click the link Below

Because You are Precious

Assistance in Travel and Transportation

Travelling is essential to everyone’s daily life, but it may be challenging for those with disabilities. Going to appointments and visiting friends should be an easy, stress-free process. At Flair and Fine Care, we help participants with their transportation needs in a variety of ways.

Disability Support & Assistance in NDIS Travel Transportation