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Flair & Fine Care's New Year 2024

December 2023 at Flair & Fine Care

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Wishing everyone a Happy New Year, filled with zest, peace, and happiness. It is the time of the year when we take off our shoes, reflect on the gains and losses of the past year, and resolute for the upcoming year with revitalised energy. May Hope take everyone to the newer, brighter, more joyous heights of life!

2023 has been a year of achievements and progress, with a commitment to improvement and further growth, according to the changing needs. For all that we have achieved, we truly appreciate our support team for their tireless and passionate work which gives the soul of true community services a face. We acknowledge our valued clients who own Flair & Fine Care and provide their candid feedback, providing us with the opportunity to improve and take pride in what we are doing.

On behalf of Flair & Fine Care administration, we would like to thank the Support Coordinators, Plan managers, team members, and most importantly, the participants in our care. We look forward to a new year, filled with fortitude and commitment to our shared goals. 

Let’s send the last year off with the drowning sun, in the hope of seeing brighter days ahead.

Huma and Ramna – Managing Directors

On the Dias: Team Member Highlight:


Genuinely Gracious Giuseppe

Genuinely Gracious Giuseppe

Giuseppe’s journey with Flair & Fine Care began in 2021 and there is no looking back.

He undoubtedly refined his skills as a support worker during this time. This Italian man brings smiles to every client he works with through his humor and liveliness.

His cooking skill is another feather in his cap, and he pleases the clients’ appetite with his beautiful meals. Giuseppe combines his skills and experience to assist PWDs effectively. His focus on bringing meaningful changes to his client’s life is commendable. He has recently completed his Certificate IV in Disability through Flair & Fine Care’s Traineeship program to brush up his skills and qualifications to empower people and boost his career as Disability Support Worker.

Participants’ Arena: Behrooz Teimoori

“The only courage ever needed is the courage to follow your dreams.” 

Behrooz Teimoori
Behrooz Teimoori

Our handsome client Behrooz is the personification of this courage. He is continuously improving his skills toward independence by taking care of his health, getting engaged with the workers, and adopting a healthy lifestyle with an increased intake of fruits and water.

He loves sharing his life experiences with his team. His Persian recipes are a big hit among his team members. Smiling, entertaining, and courteous, he has achieved tremendous improvement in his skills. Wearing his heart in his sleeves, Behrooz shines the world with his beautiful smile. Here, he is cutting his healthy birthday cake made by his team member Coco and a special Latte and cake brought by Lysamma

Because You are Precious

How to choose a Core Support Service Provider

How to Choose a Core Support Service Provider?


Support worker plan

Once a participant is approved for the NDIS Plan, the next step is critical i.e. how to choose a provider who suits your needs. Most of the time, participants and their carers do consider factors such as the provider’s reputation, responsiveness, experience, and range of services they offer. However, it is extremely important that you know before engaging them whether they align with your specific needs and goals outlined in your NDIS Plan.

Taking an unsuitable service provider on board can impact your day-to-day life in several ways.

What is Happening Around? 

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