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Development of Daily Living and Life Skills

Development of Daily Living and Life Skills

Day-to-day activities can be stressful for individuals with disabilities. Some daily living tasks include helping with grocery shopping, managing the schedule, and assisting with personal hygiene tasks. Individuals should not feel stressed and scared to complete tasks around their homes. Flair and Fine Care helps participants perform daily living tasks in their homes to increase their life skills. 

We Help Complete NDIS Daily Living Tasks

At Flair and Fine Care, our disability supports help participants with their normal day-to-day activities. No matter the level of support needed, our team is here to help participants be efficient in tasks around the home. While participants increase their life skills, it builds their independence to complete tasks around their homes without assistance. Our disability support team helps assist and teach daily living skills including:

  • Guiding participants about different forms of communication and how to plan trips 
  • Helping with personal hygiene tasks like showering and brushing their teeth
  • Supporting participants about advocating for themselves and communicating with their providers and support networks
  • Transportation to appointments, community events, and other commitments
  • Teaching them about nutritious food and how to plan meals.

Some of the costs are not included in daily living and life skill disability support, for example vehicle bills, grocery expenses, and support not related to the participant’s disability. 

Our support workers help with light housework and basic home maintenance. From helping with laundry to outdoor tasks, Flair and Fine Care is here to assist participants with their day-to-day tasks. Participants should enjoy the comforts of their own homes without feeling overwhelmed by chores. Our disability support workers help participants make their homes comfortable, safe spaces. 

We help participants increase their independence through normal day-to-day tasks. While some tasks may be easy for participants to complete themselves, our support workers are here to assist with stressful, challenging tasks. 

Living with Other NDIS Participants

There are various living options for NDIS participants included in their disability support plan. Participants can live with other NDIS individuals or live by themselves. If the goal is to live with other NDIS participants, they have the option to share support with roommates. NDIS support does not have to be shared between roommates. It is delivered on an individual basis. In such cases, Flair & Fine Care’s support workers attend to the participants in shared living arrangements and assist them in developing daily life skills. 

Disability Support at Any Time

Our team is available at any time to provide support to participants. Our goal is to help participants complete daily activities without stress and difficulty. We work closely with the participant’s family to ensure our disability support matches the individual’s required care level. 

Day-to-day activities are a challenge for participants, and our disability support is here to assist with them. Our disability support team is trained to be an addition to the participants’ home life without causing major disruption in their daily routine. Flair and Fine Care is prepared to handle any level of assistance the participant needs.

Increase Your Independence and Life Skills

If you need help with your daily living tasks, contact Flair and Fine Care today! Our support helps you increase your independence and life skills while completing day-to-day home chores.