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difference between NDIS-registered and non-registered providers

Difference between NDIS Registered and Non-Registered Provider

What is the difference between NDIS-registered and non-registered providers? Am I able to select any provider to support me in my NDIS journey? Finding the answers to these questions is difficult, especially for those who have recently joined NDIS. It gets confusing whom they should contact to be their providers.

Who is an NDIS Registered provider? 

NDIS-registered providers have registered their services and have been approved by the NDIA to deliver NDIS-funded services. They are formally audited by the NDIS Approved Quality Auditors to ensure that the providers meet the standard criteria of NDIS Quality and Safeguard Commission to assist the disabled community. The audits ensure the safety, quality, and compliance set by the Commission. The auditors provide the practice review and map to integrate the existing quality management and further plans for continuous improvement.  Thus, the NDIS registered providers stay informed and updated for the continuous improvement in standards. 

Before a decision of getting services from a registered or non-registered provider, one should look at their plan closely, how their plan is managed? If it is Self-managed or Plan-managed, you can select any provider, NDIS registered or non-registered. However, if your plan is NDIA-managed, then you need to contact only NDIS-registered providers to get support services.

Benefits of getting services from an NDIS Registered Provider:

  1. Compliance: NDIS-registered providers must meet specific quality and safety standards set by the NDIS Commission. They undergo a rigorous registration process, and annual audits, including demonstrating their capacity to deliver safe and effective services.
  2. Claim from NDIS Funding: Registered providers can receive payment directly from the NDIS for services delivered to NDIS participants. This means participants can use their NDIS funding to access services from registered providers.
  3. Service Catalogue: Registered providers have their services listed on the NDIS Provider Finder, making it easier for participants to search and find suitable providers.
  4. Pricing and Claims: Registered providers have access to a price guide that outlines the maximum prices they can charge for their services. They can also submit claims for payment directly to the NDIS on behalf of participants.
  5. Complaints and Dispute Resolution: Registered providers have clear internal processes for handling complaints and resolving disputes with participants. Participants can also escalate concerns to the NDIS Commission if necessary.

Non-Registered Provider:

  1. Flexibility: Non-registered providers have more flexibility in setting their own prices and service offerings. They are not bound by the NDIS price guide.
  2. Direct Payment: Participants who choose non-registered providers have to pay to the providers directly, if they are self-managed, and then claim from NDIS through the portal or the mygov account. If they are Plan-managed, then the invoices can be sent directly to the plan managers for approval.

    Although, non-registered providers have not gone through the rigorous procedure of registration and audits, however, the participants and their carers must look for the best suitable providers to their needs. If the participant is Self-managed or Plan-managed, they can select from various NDIS Registered or non-registered providers. However, if the participant is Self-managed, Plan-managed or NDIA-managed, then they have to select an NDIS Registered provider only.

Flair & Fine Care is an NDIS Registered Disability Service Provider in the following Support Categories:


  1. Assistance with Daily Personal Activities
  2. Assistance with Travel/Transport Arrangements
  3. Development of Daily Living and Life Skills
  4. Household Tasks
  5. Participation in Community, Social and Civic Activities

Flair & Fine Care is committed to providing participants with the most reliable, professional and friendly Care with a firm belief that everyone has a right to live an independent life.