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Disability Support & Assistance in NDIS Travel Transportation

Disability Support for Travel and Transportation

Travelling is essential to everyone’s daily life, but it may be challenging for those with disabilities. Going to appointments and visiting friends should be an easy, stress-free process. At Flair and Fine Care, we help participants with their transportation needs in a variety of ways.

We Help You Travel Safely and Efficiently

Flair and Fine Care provides disability support for participants who need help traveling to events such as appointments and recreational activities. If participants need support for transportation, we work with individuals and their families to include it in their NDIS plan. This includes any vehicle modifications the participant may need to their vehicle. Our transportation support includes:

  • Teaching participants about vehicle modifications and how to use them
  • Picking up and dropping off the participants at appointments, events, and other outside activities
  • Teaching participants about different forms of transportation such as taxis, trains, and buses
  • Helping them understand the best forms of travel suited for them 
  • Educating participants on how to make travel plans and what to do if certain transportation methods are not available

We provide transportation for participants when their main caretakers cannot take them or when the participants cannot travel independently.

Vehicle Modifications

Vehicle modifications help participants drive their vehicles independently to community events and appointments. To have funding for vehicle modifications, the car must be owned by you, or a family member, and have permission to use it. The modifications must align with the participant’s NDIS plan and be essential for them to travel independently. 

Vehicle modifications help participants achieve their goals of traveling without assistance. Some vehicle modifications may include:

  • Driving lessons for participants
  • Moving modifications to a new vehicle
  • Insurance expenses relating to vehicle modifications
  • Repair and maintenance for any modifications 
  • Transportation when the modifications are being installed in your vehicle
  • Hiring a driver-trained occupational therapist to obtain your license and see if you are capable to drive with modifications

Unfortunately, Flair & Fine Care cannot modify your vehicle directly or assist you with acquiring funding. We understand the NDIS funding process can be long and tedious. As you wait for your approval decision, our support workers can offer travel and transport assistance. Participants will never have to miss important medical appointments or community events!  

Disability Support When You Need It

Our disability support team is here to help participants meet their transportation goals. We make sure participants are safe and comfortable when using our traveling services. No matter the time, we get participants to their appointments and events on time. We focus on staying on time with the participant’s schedule to avoid being late or having to reschedule an appointment. Also, participants are encouraged to learn how to use public transportation for independence and community engagement.  

Our support workers are here to aid every participant to increase their ability to travel independently. We treat our participants with kindness and respect, so they reach their travel goals and take on new challenges. Whether it is an appointment, work, or visiting friends and family, we provide safe, reliable transportation services for every participant. 

Start Living Your Independent Life with Flair and Fine Care

We understand traveling is an essential part of daily life for our participants. Our disability support team is here to help them increase their independence and confidence while traveling. If you need assistance traveling to events or appointments, contact Flair and Fine Care today!