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February 2023 newsletter

February 2023 at Flair & Fine Care

It has been another exciting and productive month at Flair & Fine care with work at full flight. The highlight of this month has been the new Employee Assistance Program (EAP) with AccessEAP. We aim to provide workplace benefits that add value to the lives of our team members so they can progress confidently.

This free EAP counselling would bring the desired change in mental health awareness and well-being in general. We understand that our support workers travel a rocky road while supporting the NDIS participants throughout their journey towards a better living conditions, engaging with their daily life challenges, and devising innovative strategies to keep them motivated. Our support team has always been advised to seek support from AccessEAP whenever they feel overwhelmed. 

On the Dias: Team Member Highlight

Neeshu Rajput - Flair & Fine Care

Resilient and Consistent: Neeshu Rajpu

Neeshu joined Flair & Fine Care in March 2022. Since then, nothing less than impeccable resilience, continuous improvement, an urge to learn more, and a desire to provide quality care has been showed up by this amazing gentleman. He is grown into a wonderful support team member, who aims to build confidence and independence in the participants he works with. Neeshu is also Flair & Fine Care’s first Sales Officer, eagerly promoting the brand presence on the ground.

Participants’ Arena: Marlene Maynard

Marlene Maynard F&FC

Meet our gorgeous client, Marlene Maynard, an integral part of our FFC Family. She has shown a tremendous improvement in just a few months, by taking care of her physical and mental well-being. With the assistance of her support team, Prajwal, Kursha, Yelda and Ria, she fully enjoys her outdoor and indoor activities.

What a joy seeing her out of the four walls, walking around, dancing, swinging, smiling, and shining.

Marlene Maynard F&FC

Because You are Precious

Development of Daily Living Skills NDIS

Household Tasks and Flair & Fine Care

Household Tasks are part of owning a home, but an individual with disabilities may find these daily chores challenging. Therefore, NDIS approves the assistance in Household tasks for the participants so they can enjoy the comforts of their homes without feeling burdened by household chores. At Flair and Fine Care, we assist participants with various Household tasks to keep their homes safe and clean.

How Flair & Fine Care can assist the participants in Household tasks?

NDIS household tasks & Disability Support

What is Happening Around?

First People Disability Network (FDPN)

NDIS partnering with FPDN (First People Disability Network)


To acknowledge and respect the Traditional Custodians of the Land, NDIS is partnering with the First People Disability Network (FDPN) to co-design a new NDIS First Nations action plan that would reflect the goals and aspirations of the First Nations Advisory Council. This is to ensure that all NDIA programs and initiatives are informed by First Nation voices to have a culturally safe plan, which would reflect their goals, and include principles of self-determination.