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Oct 2023 events with Flair & Fine Care

FFC at Langwarrin Local Disability Expo 2023

“We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they’re called memories. Some take us forward, they’re called dreams.”

At Flair & Fine Care, we chase dreams while making memories. Langwarrin Disability Expo, held on 28th October 2023, was a fantastic platform to meet amazing people in the community, People with Disability (PWDs), Parents, Carers, and other Service Providers. This expo was focused on people living with disability, the providers offering a wide range of disability services and the local community. It gives participants, parents, carers and professionals the rare opportunity to meet and inquire about the services according to their individual needs. 

Being an NDIS registered provider of support workers, Flair & Fine Care presented our unique and person-centred approach to inquisitive and devoted special needs families. During the expo, we boasted our vision to provide the most suitable support workers that improve the participant’s and carer’s experience. 

Team Flair & Fine Care Neeshu and Yelda hosted the table on this sensational day. Ramna also attended the event to connect with other providers and stallholders. They introduced every attendee and fellow providers to what makes Flair & Fine Care the brand who we are today, and what positive difference as industry professionals we are bringing in. Their zest towards the expo, stall set-up, and visitors was commendable while enhancing the widespread appreciation for diversity and inclusivity. The branded bags with gifts and toys, lolly jars, and art supplies to keep the children engaged, attracted the audience more than usual. The screen display units with the real-time photos of our lovely clients along with their sought-after team members compelled the visitors to inquire about the services. 

BAM Arts Dancers did an amazing job! The participants showcased their dancing skills at the start of the event. Glad to see many participants having their stalls, managing around with minimal support, and taking steps towards independence. Ramna made sure to visit all the stalls to support their businesses.  Dylan Delicious Delights baked the delicious cookies and disappeared from the stall quickly. Loving the JT’s Eco Design, Reusable Kitchen Cloths, Handmade scarf from Mils and Friends, Monique Cain with her Everyday Autism Series of the beautiful Social Stories collection, lovely Emerald Green earrings and cute EarPods backpacks by Art-by-Zalie

Overall, the disability expo had a rippling effect on the importance of shifting societal architecture towards inclusivity. For Flair & Fine Care, it was a great opportunity to focus on brand awareness, acquire new clients and maintain brand exposure. We were thrilled to be the part of Expo and to share our story of steady progress towards excellence with the audience.