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Flair & Fine Care Rockstar Sponsor of I’M JUST A MAN 6 GALA

Flair & Fine Care, Rockstar Sponsor of I’M JUST A MAN 6 GALA

Flair & Fine Care has a staunch belief in mental health awareness and its impact on the general well-being of everyone. To propagate this belief, we are the proud Rockstar Sponsors of “I’M JUST A MAN”, a non-profit charity organization, which voices the legacy of humans, without any discrimination. Flair & Fine Care accentuates the importance of mental health stability of our team which provides them with the strength to cope with the daily challenges while managing the confronting situations.

I AM JUST A MAN provides the platform for Flair & Fine Care to share our vision through their 6 Gala on the 10th of November 2022, which was all about their legacy of humans, checking on others, to breaking down the walls of the mental health stigma. Their motto “Break On Through To The Other Side” showcases their intention to increase mental health awareness and to decrease Male suicide and its impacts in Australia. 

Flair & Fine Care also is in the favour of breaking down the walls of outdated concepts of masculinity, where masking vulnerability and sensitivity in males is a common norm of society. To overcome this stigma of gender-based susceptibility, 10 of our team members attended the Gala, to show the fluidity of our vision. 

It was meant to be a fun night, where our senior team members, all dressed up to put their best foot forward in presenting Flair & Fine Care, with the enthusiasm to listen to other’s stories, to share their own, to tell the world out there what the vision behind us is. Dee, John, Patty, Mandy, Hayden, Yelda, Veronica, Ria and Anmol, attended the Gala with smiles, tears, laughter, dance, music and togetherness. Dee, being the senior most (not in age…cheers), articulated the vision and force behind Flair & Fine Care, what makes us different from others, and how we move forward with a dedication to bringing the best out of us. All of them were moved by the stories speakers shared in the event, went inside for glitz and glams, and came out touched and inspired.