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NDIS household tasks & Disability Support

Household Tasks & NDIS Disability Support

Household tasks are part of owning a home, but an individual with disabilities may find these daily chores challenging. Everyone should enjoy the comforts of their homes without feeling burdened by household chores. At Flair and Fine Care, we assist participants with various household tasks to keep their homes safe and clean.

We Assist with Household Tasks

Our disability support workers assist with various household tasks to help participants maintain their homes. Our goal is to increase the participant’s independence and life skills while assisting them in completing these tasks. We match participants with a disability support worker that fits their needs and goals the best. Some household tasks our support workers assist with, include:

  • Meal prepping and outlining nutritional foods for participants.
  • Tending to the participant’s garden
  • Assisting with house cleaning, laundry, dish washing and more.
  • Guiding proper personal hygiene like bathing and brushing their teeth
  • Organizing a participant’s home so items are easily found.

Some household tasks such as giving medication, household budgeting, and paying bills are not included in our disability support.

Options for NDIS Disability Support

Our disability support helps participants in different living situations. Depending on the personal choices made by each participant, here are three levels of support we offer:

  • Individualized Living Option (ILO)– This option is for participants living with their ILO provider, host, or not-related NDIS housemates. If participants live with other NDIS individuals, disability support may be shared. They can choose not to share their disability support with other NDIS individuals. Participants can share their homes with housemates or live with a host.
  • Personal Accommodation- Participants, while living in their own residence, independent or with family members, can have support workers assist them with their daily household tasks.  Personal care supports help the participants with daily activities like cleaning, laundry, dishes, grocery or cooking etc. This type of disability support assists participants with tasks inside and outside of the home including transportation to appointments.
  • Supported Independent Living (SIL)– In Supported independent living arrangements, the support workers can help participants with household tasks such as cooking, outside maintenance, and cleaning. They can take the participants for outdoor activities as 1:1 support, for attending medical appointments with them, or even for grocery shopping.

Flair and Fine Care’s disability support workers treat every participant with kindness and respect. This helps boost the participant’s confidence when performing difficult household tasks. Our patient support workers create a safe and comfortable environment for participants to try new household tasks independently.

24/7 Assistance

From day to night support, Flair and Fine Care is here to help. Our disability support workers are available to help participants at any time of the day. We match disability support workers with participants based on their goals and needs. Proper care and support are our priorities. Every participant receives high-quality care and assistance when performing household tasks. No matter the level of support a participant needs, we are here to improve their lives and increase independence.

Build Confidence with Our Disability Support

If you need help with challenging household tasks, contact Flair and Fine Care today! Our high-quality disability support helps participants build their confidence to complete daily home tasks independently.