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January Flair and Fine Care Newsletter 2024

January 2024 at Flair & Fine Care

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It is the beginning of a new year. Flair & Fine Care cannot appreciate more the energy, enthusiasm, and genuine happiness displayed by both team members and participants last year, which is commendable. We consider the upcoming year as a marathon, and not a race, to ensure the commitment to improve. 

Our mission statement asserts that we encourage all PWDs (People with Disability) to meet their true potential, with steady steps toward independence. 2024, a new year, is an opportunity for new beginnings, with old goals and new zest.

While the Summer kicks in, it is the best time to hit the roads, beaches, parks, and pools.  Flair & Fine Care takes the benefit of this moment to encourage the clients to participate in outdoor activities. We are happy to avail the ample opportunities of taking the clients out and about for the Community Participation and Recreational Activities. They have been encouraged to ride on the hobby horses to keep themselves motivated.  

Starting the year strong!!

On the Dias: Team Member Highlight:


Tenacious Tanya

Tenacious Tanya

Tanya joined Flair & Fine Care in 2021, and with time, she has proven herself as a dedicated, and professional team member, who understands the need for tailored and individualised support. Punctual, efficient, and to the point, Tanya works like a clock in her regular morning and evening shifts. 

Tanya loves dancing, drawing, and DIY projects, through which she keeps the clients engaged. Tanya opted for this profession as “It offers the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals with a disability, providing support, advocacy, and empowerment to help them lead fulfilling lives.”

When asked about her experience being a Flair & Fine Care support worker, Tanya was clear and straightforward. “I feel amazed working with Flair& Fine Care for a couple of reasons. Starting with a reputation for quality care, their values aligning with the individuals’, opportunities for professional development and FFC provides appreciation culture and treating employees as family.”

Participant's Arena

Perfectly Pleasant: Peter

Meet our handsome client, Peter

Peter @ Flair and Fine Care

When it comes to dedication and strength, Peter always steps forward and never looks back. He has shown a tremendous improvement in just a few months, by taking care of his mental and physical health. His slow and steady progress indeed wins the race.

What a joy seeing him out and about, visiting friends, smiling and shining. We are equally grateful to Peter’s amazing team members Rachel and Ellen, who keep motivating him to progress towards independence.

Because You are Precious

difference between NDIS-registered and non-registered providers

Difference between NDIS Registered and Non-registered Providers?

What is the difference between NDIS-registered and non-registered providers? Am I able to select any provider to support me in my NDIS journey? Finding the answers to these questions is difficult, especially for those who have recently joined NDIS. It gets confusing whom they should contact to be their providers.

NDIS Registered Provider Number: Flair & Fine Care

What is Happening Around? 

G’Day Support Helpline for Australians Over 50

Have you just hit 50 and felt a bit overwhelmed? Department of Social Services has introduced a new phoneline to support Australians aged over 50.

The G’Day Line is specific for conversation with compassionate volunteers. Flair & Fine Care realises that carers can have burnout so this G’Day Line can be useful for carers in this age group. The program aims to reduce loneliness and social isolation. The service operates 365 days a year from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm.

Carers can reach out by dialing 1300 920 552 or visiting the website.