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Mihaela Sandru and Dimitrio Kordatos

July 2023 at Flair & Fine Care

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Congratulations to our dear Mihaela Sandru and Dimitrio Kordatos, on successfully completing Certificate IV in Disability through Flair & Fine Care’s Traineeship program. We are proud of you to become the qualified team members, fully equipped with skills and knowledge to assist the NDIS participants in achieving self-reliance and well-being. 

Mihaela Sandru and Dimitrio Kordatos

Flair & Fine Care is registered for a Traineeship in Certificate IV in Disability in collaboration with the Australian Institute of Vocational Development. The CHC43115 Certificate IV in Disability is a nationally accredited course that provides the skills and qualifications to empower people to boost their careers as Disability Support Workers. Recently, according to Seek.com.au, this profession is ranked as no.1 of the most satisfying jobs in Australia.

To work within the care sector as qualified support workers, Giuseppe, Rachel and Coco are also enrolled in the program in pursuit of a meaningful career in supporting those who need it the most.

On the Dias: Team Member Highlight:


Dedicated and Devoted, Deidre (Dee)

Dee joined Flair & Fine Care when she was a baby. Since then, she has proven herself as a dedicated, responsible and professional team member, who understands the need for tailored and individualised support. A pleasant and cheerful disposition with an objective, yet keen observation, she always offers her clients a safe space and well-rounded support. She writes excellent shift notes, which are reflective and focused on the participant’s statement and goals. She extended her support to train new team members how to write reflective shift notes on the progress of each client. DeeDeeCreation@BearsbyDee

Dedicated and Devoted, Deidre (Dee)

Let’s see what Dee has to say about herself!

“While living in Tasmania, I volunteered with the Cancer Council. A large part of it was interacting with people of all ages and backgrounds. I filled many roles as a public speaker on Sun Smart Awareness to schools, businesses and public forums, helped raise funds and was trained to work on the helpline. I moved to Victoria 13 years ago to begin a new adventure. I managed a fast-food outlet, then moved to work in a warehouse doing online orders. I later made the decision to go back to the work I love! So here I am, up and running again and absolutely content working for Flair & Fine Care. They have a very caring approach towards all their workers, and they fully support us as well.”

In her free time, Dee makes beautiful and unique hand-crafted teddy bears. Want to have a look at these beauties?

Participants’ Arena: Gary Mulcahy

When it comes to the improvement and steady steps towards independence, Gary Mulcahy appears as a star for Flair & Fine Care. Smiling, entertaining and food-loving Gary has achieved tremendous improvement in his skills. He loves his job and continues to brush up on the skills needed for employment. Regularly as a clock, Gary shines the world with his beautiful smile. In his free time, he likes to watch the news and build model vehicles. 

Gary Mulcahy

Because You are Precious

Creating positive experiences

Creating Positive Experience

How do we help our clients experience activities when they may seem hesitant?
We know that we should allow for the dignity of risk in allowing choice and control of how one chooses to live their lives and how they choose to do so. The role of the support worker is to find creative, stimulating and challenging community and home experiences to continue to build positive mental health.  Working within the NDIS framework we feel measurable by the experiences made available and accessed. 

Creating Positive Experience

What is Happening Around?

There’s good news for children. 

The National Gallery of Victoria is hosting a range of free relaxed sessions for kids 

The ‘Up, Down, & All Around: Daniel Emma for Kids’ exhibition is on until 8 October 2023.

Where in these relaxed sessions visitors can benefit from a quieter experience, with fewer people and reduced sensory stimuli along with a sensory map to show the locations of audio-visual content and seating.

The National Gallery of Victoria is hosting a range of free relaxed sessions for kids 
The National Gallery of Victoria is hosting a range of free relaxed sessions for kids