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June Newsletter 2022

June 2022 at Flair & Fine Care

Huma Uppal

BNI Referral Exchange

We are so proud to announce that Flair & Fine Care was at the top of the ranking list for our BNI Referral Exchange last month! 

BNI is a networking group of diverse backgrounds and professions that provides the platform to promote services, find clients, and exchange business information and opportunities. Being No.1 in our chapter showcases all of our hard work in referring business, inviting visitors and connecting one-on-one with other BNI members to advance our brand. Thank you to everyone who supported us along the way. A little progress each day does add up to big results.

On the Dias: Team Member Highlight

Hayden Harvey, a Man of Spirit

Hayden is one of our amazingly talented team members, who is loved by his clients for his kindness, patience and reliability. Coming as a large billboard installer, he can fix the foolproof relationship with his clients. He loves adventure, travelling, camping, hiking, gardening, travel, and golf. The icing on the cake is his love for fishing, which is the passion of our handsome client, Matthew Crawley. Please click the link for more details.

Hayden has the vision to uplift others to the extent that they eventually stand on their own. He is pictured here with one of our valued and wonderful clients, Christos.

Hayden Harvey
Ashleigh Beard

Participant’s Arena: Ashleigh, The Unconquerable Will

Meet Ashleigh Beard, an integral part of our FFC Family. She is an energetic and enthusiastic person, dedicated to taking care of her health and wellbeing. We are so proud of her step-by-step progress and achievements. 

Patty and Hana, our skilled team members, are supporting Ashleigh to attend hydrotherapy sessions and community participation. We are enthralled to see Ashleigh’s progress and her active participation in the community. 

Because You are Precious: Mental and Physical Health Corner

Boundaries and Interception

Boundaries are about our power. They tell us and the people around us what behaviours we are willing to accept. We can’t control the actions of people around us, but we can set boundaries to help manage our safety and emotions.

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