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disability support with NDIS daily activities and daily personal activities

Live Independently with Our Disability Support Every Day

Daily activities around your home may be difficult to do without assistance. If you are a disable individual, showering, washing dishes, or getting dressed can be challenging. At Flair and Fine Care, we believe every home should be comfortable, safe, and a place to relax without feeling burdened. Here are some of the ways we help participants complete daily activities in their homes and build independence. 

We Help with NDIS Daily Personal Activities

At Flair and Fine Care, our support teams assist participants with daily activities in their own homes. To determine the amount of support needed, we work with participants and their families to set a plan. This plan creates an individualized routine tailored to the participant’s needs. 

Daily personal activities our support team supervise or assist with include:

  • Personal hygiene and grooming
  • Dressing
  • Moving around the participant’s home
  • Assistance in meal preparation
  • Showering or bathing
  • Using the restroom and more

Our disability supports are available for participants who live alone, live with family or friends, and reside in other living situations. 

Setting Goals with Our Disability Support

Flair and Fine Care’s goal is for participants to achieve the highest level of independence possible when performing daily personal activities. After setting a plan based on the participant’s choices, goals, and needs, we decide what kind of support fits the participant. We tailor our disability support to match the participant’s plan and maximize their independence. 

Our team looks at what kind of support would help the participant without being intrusive in their daily life. This kind of support may include:

  • Using tools or equipment to increase the participant’s independence in a certain task
  • Introducing techniques to help the participant do the activity on their own
  • Using technology or home modifications to carry out a daily activity

The disability support for a participant must meet the goals and needs outlined in their plan. Flair and Fine Care focuses on completing a variety of goals set by the participant. We provide high-quality support to help our participants be independent and complete their goals. We tailor our disability support team to each participant’s plan to make their daily life manageable. 

We are Here to Help Every Single Day

Our team is flexible to meet the needs of the participant. We are here to help make everyday activities easier for the participant. Everyone deserves to have a clean and comfortable home. Our supports help accomplish NDIS daily activities in a safe, kind environment. When we work with the participant’s family, we make sure our supports are efficient, kind, and understanding. 

We understand completing daily personal activities is challenging for the participant and their families. Our personal activity supports are highly-trained to be a consistent addition to the participant’s home life. Our team handles any level of assistance a participant needs to be independent and perform NDIS daily personal activities. 

Start Living Independently with Flair and Fine Care

If you need help with your daily personal activities, contact Flair and Fine Care today! Our supports are here to reach your goals and increase your independence.