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March 2023 newsletter

March 2023 at Flair & Fine Care

Flair & Fine Care Attended Networking Sessions

Flair & Fine Care attended various networking sessions happening around FFC, networking means building connections with other professionals in the industry, who share the same zest to provide the best services.

In March, we attended multiple networking events arranged by different organisations, which provides us with a chance for increased visibility, a stronger support network and more impactful connections with other providers.

On the Dias: Team Member Highlight

Dimitrios & Magda at Flair and Fine care

Dimitrios & Magda

Dimitrio has been working with Flair & Fine since 2021. A youth counsellor by profession, and a support worker by heart, he is a compassionate and honest person, who goes above and beyond for his client’s well-being. He makes them comfortable and safe when they feel distressed. He loves to assist the PWDs and fill the gaps to improve their support experience.

And what a lovely family FFC is, as we have couples on board. Dimitrios’ wife, Magda joined us later but wins the hearts of her clients sooner. Both Dimitrios and Magda are now an indispensable part of our family.

Participants’ Arena: Phoebe Davis

Phoebe Davis at Flair and Fine Care

Flair & Fine Care has witnessed Phoebe and her amazing journey towards independence and community engagement. A trained and qualified Chef, who used to head several teams at multiple restaurants, Phoebe had a very active social life before becoming an NDIS participant. With the support of her dedicated team Ria, Magda, Kursha, Margaret, Yelda, and Hayden, she is enjoying every opportunity to visit her favourite places to socialise and engage with the community. Her social skills have been amazingly increased. Moreover, she has started eating healthier options, which is great.

The team works tirelessly with full devotion to bringing the best for Phoebe to make Flair & Fine Care proud.

Because You are Precious

NDIS Transport Funding

NDIS Transport Funding

Whether going to a doctor’s appointment, work, school, shopping or visiting family, transportation is consequentially necessary to participate in society. However, for persons with disability, getting from one place to the next can be challenging.

No one should be barred from leaving their home due to a lack of accessible transportation. Flair & Fine Care can support the participants with their transport needs in various ways.

What is Happening Around?

Melbourne International Comedy Festival


From  29 March to 23 April, you can attend the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, one of the most popular events in Melbourne. An inclusive event, where all shows are Wheelchair accessible, and interpretation is also the plus point of this festival. From Geraldine Hickey to Lizzy Hoo, there are lots of Auslan-interpreted shows to choose from at this year’s Festival. 

Tap for a show list and information on performance space accessibility here