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March Flair and Fine Care Newsletter 2024

March 2024 at Flair & Fine Care

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Beginning of Autumn yet so full of Hope! March holds the power to attract, engage and convert the quietness to the bustle of life. As ever before, Flair & Fine Care works steadily and eagerly to support our participants to reach their unique goals. Being a NDIS registered provider of support workers, we present our unique and person-centred approach to the inquisitive and devoted special needs families. We always assert our vision to provide the most suitable support workers that improve the participant’s and carer’s experience. 

Flair & Fine Care celebrated the strength of our women participants, carers and the support team members on International Women’s Day and made sure their efforts were at the front and centre as we promote the individual forte. The journey is not easy but together we make sure to pick up the stones from the road to make it less bumpy

Flair & Fine Care celebrated the strength of our women participants

On the Dias: Team Member Highlight:


Cathy, A true example of “Service with a Smile” 

Cathy, A true example of “Service with a Smile”

Cathy, with her infectious smile, wins the hearts of all the participants she works with. Chirpy and chatty, she believes in a steady and strong approach towards clients by providing them the best possible supportive environment. She has a unique way of attachment to the people.

We asked Cathy what the reason is behind choosing Disability support work as a profession to make a difference in the lives of the people with disability.

“Choosing to become a support worker was my motivation because of various factors, such as a desire to make a positive impact on people’s lives, a passion for helping others, a personal connection to disability, or the opportunity to work in a rewarding and fulfilling field.”


She shares her experience in working with Flair & Fine Care.

“I have the privilege of being part of a team that truly embodies dedication, compassion, and excellence in providing support services. Working here has been nothing short of rewarding. The organization’s commitment to empowering individuals with disabilities to lead fulfilling lives is evident in every aspect of our work. From personalized care plans to fostering inclusive environments, Flair and Finds prioritizes the well-being and independence of those we serve. I am proud to be a part of such a compassionate and forward-thinking team, where every day brings new opportunities to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.”

Participant's Arena

Michael Mulle

Michael Mullen with our flair and fine support workers

Michael is a true example of how dedication towards improvement can change the whole circumstances. He is a true warrior who fights the odds and comes out as a victor.

He can brighten the day simply by sharing a smile, requesting to walk around the beach on every occasion, or flexing his shopping spree.

Michael Mullen at the beach

It is wonderful to see Michael exploring opportunities and achieving his goals, with the continuous support of his regular worker, Jamillah, an incredible Flair & Fine Care team member

Because You are Precious

Assistance in Meal Preparation

Assistance in Meal Preparation through NDIS
Assistance in Meal Preparation NDIS

A healthy meal prepared with love has the power to nourish both body and soul. However, for people with disabilities, meal preparation can bring unique challenges that hinder their ability to access nutritious and enjoyable meals.  However, NDIS offers support and resources to empower people with disabilities in their meal preparation. NDIS offers a range of services to facilitate meal preparation which may include meal delivery services in some cases. However, not all NDIS plans include meal delivery services. In such cases, the plan guides PWDs to make the most of the NDIS assistance through support workers for their meal planning, finding recipes, getting groceries and cooking so that they can enjoy healthy and nutritious meals. It is a way to promote independence and the support workers can assist and support throughout the process.


Walking Tall: App for Patients with Parkinson

Let us appreciate the efforts by Dr Mathew A. Brodie and his researchers’ team who created an app ‘Walking Tall’ to assist with Parkinson’s disease mobility

This app aims to help people with the timing of their steps and improve walking confidence. Although Parkinson’s disease doesn’t have any cure, yet technology advancements like this app can make one’s living situation better.

‘Walking Tall’ is available to download for free from the Apple and Android App stores.