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Flair & Fine Care Insight May 2023

May 2023 at Flair & Fine Care

Flair & Fine Care Insight

Mothers day at Flair & Fine CareCould you believe that we are already in the middle of 2023? This fast-paced year has brought a lot to Flair & Fine Care. Still not slowing down, we are anticipating the next half will be gone rapidly. 

Flair & Fine Care celebrated Mother’s Day in May, with a lot of mixed emotions. We believe that, 

There’s a story behind everything..but behind all your stories is always your mother’s story..because hers is where yours begins.

We wished a very Happy Mother’s Day to all beautiful mums and mum-like figures out there, as they are doing an incredible job of nurturing, protecting, and training. 

We have witnessed so many examples of tireless efforts, and selfless love in the last 3 years of our career in Disability, be it the real mother, who sacrifice their own comforts, or mother-like Support Coordinators who by all means make sure that their participants get the best facilities for them, or be it our great team of support workers, who dedicate their energies to make the lives of their clients comfortable and fuss-free. 

Want to see how our Flair & Fine Family celebrated Mother’s Day? Watch the video below:

On the Dias: Team Member Highlight:


Candid and Commendable: Connie Haidaris

Connie in our FFC family isConnie Haidaris ffc just like that back-bencher in a classroom, who quietly takes everything in and amazes all with her performance in examinations 😀 She offers her support to diverse clients with multiple needs. She is a very responsible and organised person who has a unique way of attachment to people. She works closely with the participants to identify their unique interests and preferences and develop customised strategies for each of them, so they take part in healthy activities safely and meaningfully.

She explains the reason behind choosing Disability support work as a profession. “I choose disability support work as the role is focused on supporting people to live their lives as independently as they can, keeping them safe, helping them to make choices, and ensuring that they lead full and rich lives in their community. I truly believe it’s up there with being a mother as the most rewarding job.”

She shares her experience working with Flair & Fine Care. “I have been with FFC for almost 2yrs and I must say Huma & Ramna are the heart and soul of this company who care for and support the FFC team effortlessly. They strive for nothing but excellence for their clients to ensure they receive tremendous care.”

Participants’ Arena: The Lovely Patricia Wood

The Lovely Patricia Wood

Patricia is a beautiful combination of fun and fashion. With long walks, healthy eating habits and consistence, she proves herself as a true example of how the dedication towards independence can change the whole circumstances. She is a fighter against all odds, and we are amazed to witness her steady progress. Caring towards all her carers, Patricia is a loved participant and an integral part of our FFC family. Thank you, Jeanette, Patricia’s support worker, to work collaboratively for the best of her interest.

Because You are Precious

Assistance with Daily Personal Activities NDIS

Assistance in Daily Activities


Assistance in Daily Activities” is important to help the participants have a healthy, safe life and some free time for their peace of mind. The support in daily activities allows the participants to concentrate on their individual goals, without worrying too much about the tasks. This can include activities such as showering, dressing, toileting, eating, and grooming. The aim of this support is to assist individuals with disabilities to maintain their independence so they can take progressive steps towards a balanced life.  

Want to know how Flair & Fine Care can help the NDIS participants in daily activities? Read the blog below:

What is Happening Around?

Georgia Munro-Cook

Australian Gliders captain, Georgia Munro-Cook

Australian Gliders captain, Georgia Munro-Cook, is sharing her views on the need of equality in sports for women with disabilities and to be more inclusive.

Currently, only 19% of women with disabilities are involved in organised sports, compared to 27% of disabled men. This means there is a difference between male and female approaches towards sports for disabled individuals. For now, males are acknowledged with an intersectional approach, but women are not, so they need to be included more in this sector.

Griffith University is taking a stance and doing its research by engaging with and giving leading roles to women with disability in discussions so that they can get clear ideas and solutions to address the issue regarding women’s sports and can work together to make an improved environment and facilities, allowing advancement in the Paralympics.