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NDIS Transport Funding

NDIS Transport Funding

Whether going to a doctor’s appointment, work, school, shopping or visiting family, transportation is consequentially necessary to participate in society. However, for persons with disability, getting from one place to the next, can be challenging. No one should be barred from leaving their home due to a lack of accessible transportation. Here’s how Flair & Fine Care responds to transportation needs

Why transport funding is essential 

Reliable, safe, timely and accessible transportation is important in many ways. 

Lack of access to transportation can make it difficult to get healthcare and other essential services. It can make it hard to attend work and school reliably and on time. Transportation can also impact one’s social life. Without accessible options, people are limited in their ability to see friends and family or participate in activities they enjoy.

Types of transport assistance

Transport assistance is not the same for everyone. Since every individual has different needs, Flair & Fine Care can help in a variety of ways. Our staff can help each participant to find the option that is best for their needs. Common types of transportation include taxis, rideshares, public transportation, and more. Flair & Fine Care also offers the option of pickups and drop-offs for those who are unable to use public transportation or other options.  

Some people just need to learn skills and gain confidence in their ability to travel independently. Others need accommodations such as wheelchair-accessible transport. Some of them have their own vehicle and are able to drive, but need some support or encouragement. Whatever the case is, we’ll advocate for your needs and figure out a solution. 

We offer ongoing assistance to those who need long-term support. And, we can also help participants who simply need to learn how to use transportation independently. No matter the obstacle, we’re committed to helping each participant access reliable, safe transportation.

NDIS travel allowance

NDIS travel allowance is the part of a NDIS plan that provides funding for a participant to access transportation. There are two categories of NDIS transport funding: general transport and activity-based transport. 

General transport refers to a situation where the person providing the transport doesn’t have to continue providing support on arrival. For example, a person may use general transport funds to take public transportation, or it may apply to a support worker driving a participant to work or an activity. Activity-based transport (often shortened to ABT) applies when the person providing transportation will support the participant at the destination as well. 

NDIS transport funding is available at three different support levels. These range from Level 1 to Level 3, and the amount of funds available will depend on the participant’s needs and abilities. The funds are intended to pay a transport provider to drive the participant to an activity or appointment. 

Get Safe, Timely, Accessible NDIS Transport with Flair & Fine Care

At Flair & Fine Care, we provide reliable transport services and support. Our NDIS transport assistance can enable disabled individuals to live a more independent, fulfilling and healthy life. Get in touch today to discuss your needs!