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November 2022 at Flair & Fine Care

Message from Managing Directors

It is hard to believe that this is the final newsletter of 2022. Flair & Fine Care team remained very active and productive with their NDIS participants, to get them engaged in social activities, life skills, different community events and celebrations to brush up their life skills. As we are wrapping up 2022, it is important to reflect on the progress and to celebrate the success towards achieving the goals. 

On behalf of the Flair & Fine Care administration, we would like to thank the Support Coordinators, Plan managers, team members and most importantly, the participants in our care. Together we have tried to utilise most of the opportunities presented to us; and jointly, we have done an incredible job throughout the year. Flair & Fine Care wishes you all a very Merry Christmas and a Festive new year ahead

Kind Regards,

Huma & Ramna – Managing Directors

Flair & Fine Care Insight

Flair & Fine Care got registered for a Traineeship

Flair & Fine Care is registered for a Traineeship in Certificate IV in Disability in collaboration with the Australian Institute of Vocational Development. The CHC43115 Certificate IV in Disability is a nationally accredited course that provides the skills and qualifications to empower people to boost their careers as Disability Support Workers. Recently, according to Seek.com.au, this profession is ranked as no.1 of the most satisfying jobs in Australia.

To work within the care sector as qualified support workers, 5 of our Team members have enrolled in Certificate IV in Disability. Mihaela, Giuseppe, Dimitrio, Rachel and Coco! thank you for coming forward and beginning a meaningful career in supporting those who need it the most.

On the Dias: Team Member Highlight

Focussed and Composed Xiufang Rachel LiuRachel Liu

For the last 2 years, since joining Flair & Fine Care, Rachel has been focused on supporting her clients to live their lives to their full potential. She aims to provide a person-centred approach and empowers them to reach their goals. Upright and dedicated, she always covers the extra mile for the participants she works with. 

Rachel speaks about her dedication to working with NDIS participants. “I am an outgoing person. I like talking and helping people. I get satisfaction and valuation when I help the people with disability who need my support.” She enjoys her working relationship with Flair & Fine Care and considers herself fortunate to work for an organisation that is considerate of what she needs. She tells,

I’ve been working with FFC for 2 years. I love this family. I feel a good and warm heart from our managers and other workmates. I’ve heard many times of feedback that FFC is the best agency they’ve met from our clients. Every worker they met is fantastic!

Participants’ Arena: Chih Chen

Meet our handsome client, Chih Chen, who is an integral part of our FFC Family. The Cantonese-speaking, very quiet Chih has become an outward and social being. His market trips to explore healthy meals walks around the park after getting a massage from the workers, and his efforts to speak English to communicate with fellow residents and even strangers, most of all his willingness to video graph the review for Flair & Fine Care, all show a tremendous improvement in his health and social skills. We are equally grateful to Ellen, who has been working with Chih for the last 3 years constantly and motivates him to progress towards independence. 

Want to know what Chih said about Flair & Fine Care? Click the button below.

Chih Chen

Because You are Precious

NDIS Practical Guide to Regulated Restrictive Practices with Children and Young People

 with Disability

NDIS Practical GuideTo promote the rights of children and young people with disability, who are under the age of 18, NDIS has published a practical guide to Regulated Restrictive Practices. The main aim of this guide is to “promote, protect and ensure the full and equal enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedom by people with disability and promoting respect for their inherent dignity.” (United Nations, 2006) 

“NDIS identifies special considerations and relevant safeguards for working with NDIS participants aged under 18 years.”

“The guide provides practice advice consistent with contemporary evidence and a  positive behaviour support framework, and addresses frequently asked questions.”