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It is hard to believe that this is the final newsletter of 2023, which seems to fly with the wings of Time. As the weather plays along, flowers blooming around, and the Sun playing Hide and Seek, Christmas approaches like the first ray of Sunshine out of the dark hours. With Jingling bells, Christmas trees, Music and Carols, Shopping hauls, Santa photoshoots, Twinkling Lights, and splashes of Greens, Reds and Glitters, we are ready to wrap up another year of hard work, progress and support. 

On behalf of the Flair & Fine Care administration, we would like to thank the Support Coordinators, Plan managers, team members and most importantly, the participants in our care. Together we have tried to utilise most of the opportunities presented to us; and jointly, we have done an incredible job throughout the year. Flair & Fine Care wishes you all a very Merry Christmas and a festive New year ahead. 

Huma and Ramna – Managing Directors

On the Dias: Team Member Highlight:


Jamillah: Our Jolly Good Fellow

Jamillah Shawyer is one of our incredible team members, who is fondly sought after, not only by her clients but by all the Support Coordinators and the SRS management wherever she goes. They all love this cheerful girl with a kind heart and extreme professionalism. She joined the Flair & Fine Care team one and a half year ago and there has been no turning back since then. She is a dedicated, responsible and professional team member, who understands the need for tailored and individualised support.

Jamillah Shawyer

She explained why she joined the industry; “Working with many different disabilities to such amazing people day in and out has been a privilege. I first got into this Job to help people in day-to-day life and make a real difference to someone’s day by lighting up their faces when they are doing something they love and lending a helping hand in any way possible.”

When asked about her experience being a Flair & Fine Care support worker, Jamillah was eloquent; “Since day one the team at FFC has been extremely supportive and I have felt like a part of the family. At FFC all our needs are considered. The management team works very hard to ensure everyone is always looked after. 

We are a big family at FFC and we all look after each other. I feel very lucky to be a part of the FFC team.”

Participants’ Arena: Margaret Zillner

Margaret Zillner
Margaret Zillner

Some sunshine got dropped off today when we introduced our gorgeous client, Margaret Zillner, an integral part of the FFC family.  She has shown tremendous improvement while actively managing her self-care and skill-building. Every time, her locking-the-house regime takes less time than before, she feels proud and gets a high five from Ria, her support worker.

What a joy seeing her out of the house, walking around, shopping, enjoying the Christmas Festivities, all smiling and shining. We are equally grateful to her wonderful support team Ria and Mihaela, who continuously motivate Margaret to progress efficiently towards independence.

Because You are Precious

NDIS Review

NDIS Review

The long-awaited and most speculated NDIS Review is finally out with 26 Recommendations and 139 Actions to bring a more accessible and inclusive Australia through the unified ecosystem. The recommendations will be implemented, once approved by the government, over the transition period of 5 years. There will be more inclusive Foundational Supports and reformed pathways for all people with disability. “Navigators” will be introduced to connect people with disability to all mainstream services and supports. A new assessment process and changes in the NDIS eligibility and plan structures will be introduced. Early Intervention Pathways for under 9, a new approach to support people with psychosocial disability, consistent and sustainable housing and living support have been proposed. Moreover, The Review recommends that all providers, either big organisations or sole traders, need to be enrolled or registered to reduce the risks to participants. These are just a few highlights of this huge report. 

Although these changes may impact some sectors, Flair & Fine Care does not foresee any changes in the services we provide. From day one, we decided to start operating after going through the scrutiny of the registration process. We wanted to bring the best possible support to our clients, according to the standards of NDIS Quality and Safeguard Commission. 

What is Happening Around? 

This year, Auslan Santa is back for deaf and hard-to-hear children, thanks to Deaf Australia!  

Now, these children and their families will be able to communicate with Santa in their language to an Auslan-fluent Santa at select shopping centres!

Children who use Auslan as their primary form of communication can visit Auslan Santa at Westfield shopping centre locations across VIC, NSW, QLD, ACT, SA & WA, and can share their wish lists!