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October 2022 at Flair & Fine Care

October 2022 at Flair & Fine Care

Flair & Fine Care attended the I’m JUST A MAN GALA as their Rockstar Sponsor

Flair & Fine Care has a staunch belief in mental health awareness and its impact on the general well-being of everyone. To propagate this belief, we are the proud Rockstar Sponsors of “I’M JUST A MAN”, a non-profit charity organization, which voices the legacy of humans, without any discrimination. Flair & Fine Care accentuates the importance of mental health stability of our team which provides them with the strength to cope with the daily challenges while managing the confronting situations.

I AM JUST A MAN provides the platform to Flair & Fine Care to share our vision through their 6th Gala on November 10 2022, which was all about their legacy of humans, checking on others, to break down the walls of the mental health stigma.

On the Dias: Team Member Highlight

Veronica has been working with Flair & Fine since 2020. She is known to accept challenges and her continuous effort to overcome them. She possesses a swift de-escalation skill which she exerts in the appropriate circumstances. She makes the clients comfortable and safe when they feel distressed. She loves to assist the PWDs who experience the impacts on their lives by the disability and to fill the gaps to improve their support experience.

Veronica at Flair and Fine Care

Participants’ Arena: Elazar Levy

Flair & Fine Care has seen Elazar growing into a 21 years old, handsome boy with a lot of amazing progress in last 2.5 years. His social skills have been amazingly increased. Now he loves going to parks, dancing on different songs and getting engaged with people around. His amazing team John Hatzinikolaidis and Kristo support Elazar 6 days a week, taking the gentleman out and about, with a lot of park visits to establish new social connections, hydrotherapy and hot chocolate treats. 

They work tirelessly with full devotion to bring the best for Elazar to make Flair & Fine Care proud.

Because You are Precious:
What is Social and Community Participation?


Everyone enjoys community events because doing so builds relationships and increases independence. These events are fun to attend and learn from, but it can be difficult for Persons with Disability to participate due to unfamiliar and sometimes unsuitable logistics.

Flair and Fine Care encourages the participants to attend community activities for social participation. Support workers are funded through the NDIS plan to go to activities or events with participants. This support includes going to centre-based or community events. Depending on the individual’s needs and care level, we offer standard and high-intensity care. 

The funding for social and community participation can be used to get support workers who would  help with:

  • Transportation to and from the activity
  • Attending the event 
  • Assisting the individual during the class like communication or physical support during activities
  • Supporting personal care situations at any time during travel or an activity


Why you should choose Flair & Fine Care as your Core Support Provider?

Flair & Fine Care is dedicated to bringing tailor-made comfort to the participants so that they can cope with their everyday challenges. We provide them with reliable, professional and friendly care for peace of mind. We customise the care according to the desires of our clients so they can make happy steps towards independence, and we can fulfil our promise of the Finest Care.