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What flair and Fine Care have been up to in October 2023

October 2023 at Flair & Fine Care

Flair and Fine Care at the Langwarrin disability expo 2023

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Could you believe that we are sailing smoothly towards the end of 2023? This fast-paced year has brought a lot to Flair & Fine Care. We had a busy October, just like all the other months. We hosted a table at Langwarrin Disability Expo, held on 28th October 2023, which was a fantastic platform to meet amazing people in the community, People with Disabilities (PWDs), Parents, Carers, and other Service Providers. 

Being an NDIS registered provider of support workers, Flair & Fine Care presented our unique and person-centred approach to inquisitive and devoted special needs families. During the expo, we boasted our vision to provide the most suitable support workers that improve the participant’s and carer’s experience. 

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On the Dias: Team Member Highlight:


Effortlessly Efficient Ellen

Ellen has joined Flair & Fine Care as one of the pioneer team members and since then, there has been no turning back. She believes in a steady and calm approach towards clients by listening to them attentively and providing them with the best possible supportive environment. She is a very responsible and organised person who has a unique way of attachment to people.

Effortlessly Efficient Ellen

She told me the reason behind choosing Disability support work as a profession. “I enjoy being able to help those in need and support unprivileged people in such ways that the challenges they face every day become easier for them.”

She shares her experience in working with Flair & Fine Care. “I believe that the company’s environment is very comforting and supportive. The company allows the employees to develop important skills for our careers, and gain perspective and experience.”

Participants’ Arena: Glenda Gronow

Glenda Gronow ffc

Glenda loves to go to pools, shopping, parks and cafes to increase her community participation. She proves herself as a true example of how dedication towards improvement can change the whole circumstances. She is a fighter against all odds, and we are amazed to witness her steady progress.

She is always ready to meet her favourite support worker Mihaela, so she can take her out and about. She is a beloved participant and an integral part of our FFC family

Because You are Precious

NDIS household tasks & Disability Support

Assistance in Household Tasks

Household tasks are part of owning a home, but an individual with disabilities may find these daily chores challenging. Everyone should enjoy the comforts of their homes without feeling burdened by household chores.

At Flair and Fine Care, we assist participants with various household tasks to keep their homes safe and clean. Our disability support workers assist the participants with various household tasks to help them maintain their homes. Our goal is to increase the participant’s independence and life skills while assisting them in completing these tasks.


Dream Employment Network

Dream Employment Network

Children and Young People with Disability Australia have launched the DREAM Employment Network. This is a real all-inclusive program where Young People with disabilities can learn skills to support themselves on their pathway to employment. The Network will hold online networking events and workshops.

Employers will be able to connect with young people with disability and learn how to create an inclusive and accessible work environment. 

This includes young people aged between 15 to 25 and people with: 

  • neurodivergence
  • mental illness
  • Intellectual disability
  • chronic illness
  • sensory disability
  • physical disability
  • any other kind of disability