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September 2022 at Flair & Fine Care

September 2022 at Flair & Fine Care

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The Melbourne Hockey Cup with Huma Uppal

The Melbourne Hockey Cup

It has been an exciting month at Flair & Fine Care. Rounding off another successful year of business, we celebrated our thir

d anniversary with a substantial increase in the number of clients and team members. The annual audit had been passed with some insightful learning to celebrate the past success and the motivation to explore more in the future. 

With this enthusiasm, Flair & Fine Care revisits its promise to make a difference by giving back to the community. We sponsored The Melbourne Hockey Cup for the love of sports and a healthy lifestyle, where 12 teams from all over Australia gathered to compete. Mandy, Anmol, Neeshu, Manisha and Amandeep attended the Meet & Greet session of sponsors as Flair & Fine Care representatives to receive the shield. 

The Grand Finale was attended by Huma and other team members to meet the teams, to be part of community activity and most importantly, to be the face of Flair & Fine Care.

The Melbourne Hockey Cup with Huma Uppal

On the Dias: Team Member Highlight

When excellence is not an act, but a habit: Ria Mavropoulos

Ria joined Flair & Fine care recently and since then, she has been an inseparable part of our company. She is one of those team members whom Flair & Fine Care is undoubtedly proud of. Upright and dedicated, she always covers the extra mile for the participants she works with. She is the most sought-after worker in every age group. From 7 years old to seniors, her positive demeanour is much appreciated by all. Ardent traveller, a curious being, and a teacher by heart, Ria enjoys what transpires in the sessions as a learning curve.

Participants’ Arena: The Smiling Angelo

Meet our handsome participant Angelo, an integral part of our FFC Family since the start of it. He is a living example of how dedication towards independence can change whole circumstances. Angelo is a fighter, and we are amazed to witness his steady progress. A shout-out to support team members Giorgi, Mark and Dimitrios Theodorou to bring him into this happy headspace. 

Because You are Precious: How to compartmentalise our beliefs and the support requirement?

How to compartmentalise our beliefs and the support requirement

Flair & Fine Care always advocates stability in mental health and the ways to improve that. To ensure a healthy and strong mind while working in the support industry, our in-home counsellor, Caroline Smith, provides insightful recommendations through case studies and articles.  

“Being a support worker and provider, sometimes it is challenging to separate personal beliefs from the support requirements. Our role is to maintain a calm environment for all our clients and their families without compromising the relationship and rapport with them. It is our role to be working under the principles of best practise in duty of care. When we walk into the workplace our own values and beliefs, as much as we would like them to align with who we are working, with won’t necessarily match 100% of the time.  How we manage this is what makes us professionals. Flair & Fine always work to strengthen all relationships.” 

NDIS News: Mal James, A Born Artist

Mal James paintingMal James, an NDIS participant, recently showed his art in an exhibition at a local art space, Redrock Books and Gallery. It all happened with his passion that was guided by the NDIS and his mentor artist, Anthony Pelchan.

Flair & Fine Care wishes him the best in his future endeavours.