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September 2023 newsletter

September 2023 at Flair & Fine Care

R u Ok with Flair and Fine Care 2023

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As spring unfolds, with flowers in full bloom and the sun playing hide and seek throughout the month of September, Flair & Fine Care seizes this moment to encourage our clients to engage in community activities. We are delighted to offer ample opportunities for our clients to participate in community events and recreational activities.

Flair & Fine Care celebrated R U OK Day on September 12th. While it’s not just one day when our team is dedicated to the well-being of our participants, providing care, and helping them navigate through any stressful situations, this celebration holds its own significance. It promotes the importance of staying connected and initiating conversations that can support others during challenging moments in their lives. Our team inspires everyone to look around, inquire about others’ well-being because sometimes, a small act of kindness is all someone needs.

Curious about how Flair & Fine spent R U OK Day? Follow the link below:

On the Dias: Team Member Highlight:


Marvellous Mihaela

is one of our remarkably talented team members, and she is highly sought after by her clients. This smiling lady with a kind heart and cheerful disposition is adored by all. We often wonder if the word ‘NO’ even exists in Mihaela’s dictionary. The answer? A resounding ‘NO’ 😊. Over time, she has proven herself to be a dedicated, responsible, and professional team member who fully understands the importance of providing tailored and individualized support.

Marvellous Mihaela

We are thrilled to congratulate Mihaela on her successful completion of the Certificate IV in Disability through Flair & Fine Care’s Traineeship Program. She is now equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to assist people with disabilities in achieving their goals.

When asked about her experience as a Flair & Fine Care support worker, Mihaela was clear and direct. ‘I’d like to express how much I enjoy my work. “It’s quite simple—I love what I do; I love helping people with disabilities. I always strive to give my best, and I truly appreciate the team and the company I work with and for.”

Participants’ Arena: Gregory Hewatt

Gregory Hewatt

Allow us to introduce you to our handsome client, Gregory Hewatt, a cherished member of our FFC Family. In just a few short months, Gregory has made remarkable strides in caring for both his mental and physical health. His journey of slow but steady progress is a testament to the adage that ‘consistency wins the race.’

It brings us immense joy to witness him breaking free from the confines of four walls, embracing the outdoors, enjoying walks, and even indulging in a game of bowling. His smiles radiate happiness and inspire all of us.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to our exceptional Unicorn worker, Hayden, who partners with Captain Greg on this journey and constantly motivates him toward greater independence.

Because You are Precious

Disability Royal Commission

DRC Final Report

In recent weeks, there has been an intensified focus on the disability community as the Disability Royal Commission (DRC) unveiled its comprehensive report, featuring 222 recommendations aimed at enhancing laws, policies, structures, and practices with the goal of ‘ensuring a more inclusive and just society.’ The report encompasses the stories of violence, abuse, neglect, and exploitation experienced by People with Disabilities (PWDs).

We extend our heartfelt salute to the courageous individuals who bravely stepped forward to share their own experiences, a testament to their remarkable courage. Those who have been let down by the system deserve our utmost respect and remembrance.

A prevailing theme in the final report underscores that real change hinges on a commitment to end segregation. It is a condition that calls upon all policymakers, providers, and stakeholders to ensure that every participant has the opportunity to live within their chosen community, alongside the people they wish to be with.

Flair & Fine Care acknowledges and commends all those who actively participated in campaigns related to the DRC. The recommendations put forth aim to foster a more inclusive society, where People with Disabilities are empowered to live independently, free from the specter of violence, abuse, neglect, or exploitation.

NDIS Stories

Exciting news for sports enthusiasts! The Sporting Alliance for People with Disability has introduced groundbreaking disability inclusion education modules for sports coaches.

This marks the first of its kind in Australia. A free online course is now available to assist sporting clubs and organisations in creating inclusive sporting environments. This initiative has been developed in collaboration with Blind Sports Australia, Deaf Sports Australia, Sport Inclusion Australia, and Inclusive Sport Design.

For more information, we invite you to explore the details by clicking on the following link: