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Making life transitions is always scary, but it’s easier with a skilled support coordinator from Flair & Fine Care. Whether you are entering a brand-new stage of life with your finances, housing, employment, or something else, we want to help you successfully take that step with a support coordinator that’s matched to your needs.

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Your support coordinator is your personal advocate. As the first point of contact responsible for handling NDIS, they will ensure that you have the proper funding and that it’s appropriately allocated to your disability needs such as cleaning and daily personal activities. This is crucial to helping our participants achieve the lifestyles they want, even when things change.

Although your support coordinator works heavily with NDIS to ensure you get the funding you need, this is not their only role. They will work closely with other agencies such as VicHealth that may play a role in your care. Your support coordinator is responsible for finding the best assist-life stage transition services and specialists that are right for you to ease the changes in your life. You won’t have to worry about the cost of the services your support coordinator will recommend because we always make sure they are in line with your funding limits. You can be confident that your support coordinator will be doing everything in their power to help you meet the goals outlined in your NDIS plan.

Communicating with our participants is a crucial part of supporting them as they work toward their goals. Once services have been engaged, you can expect to be in communication with your support coordinator at least once a month. You and your loved ones will always have a thorough understanding of how you’re progressing through your NDIS plan.

Get the Assist-Life Stage, Transition NDIS Support You Need from Flair & Fine Care

No matter what your assist-life stage transition needs may look like, you can rely on your support coordinator to help make the change as smooth and stress-free as possible. To learn more about how our support coordinators can assist, get in touch with Flair & Fine Care today.

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Finding the right disability service provider can be complex and overwhelming. But when you choose to work with Flair & Fine Care, it’s a much simpler, stress-free process. To learn more about any of our disability services, get in touch today!

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