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NDIS Transport Services

Learning how to travel and navigate public transportation are vital to maintaining a social life and a career. But for individuals with disabilities, these seemingly everyday tasks are uniquely challenging. This is especially true if their disability means they have unique transportation needs. Flair & Fine Care provides disability assistance for travel so our participants can always get where they need to go.

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NDIS Transport Assistance for Disabled Individuals

For some of our participants, the goal is to help them learn how to use transportation completely independently. Others may need ongoing assistance with NDIS transport. Some will have their own vehicle. Whatever the case is you, we advocate for your needs and offer expert guidance. Even if all you need is some gentle encouragement while you’re in transit, we’re there for you.

Variety of NDIS Transport Services

Different forms of transportation can pose different challenges. That’s why it’s so important to us to help our participants with a wide variety of forms of transportation. Some of the most common types of transportation include taxis, rideshares, buses, and subways. If you have multiple options for transportation, we’ll help you find what works best for your needs. We’ll make sure it’s both safe and reliable.

If taking public transportation or your own transportation is not possible, Flair & Fine Care also offers the option of pickups and drop-offs. We always show up on time so you never have to be concerned about whether or not you’ll be able to keep your schedule.

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Teaching Life Skills

Things don’t always go as planned with transportation. That’s why we don’t just teach our participants how to effectively find and use transportation but also how to problem solve when changes occur. This means you’ll be safer and more confident when travelling whether you’re running an errand or visiting loved ones. Our support workers ensure every participant has the disability travel services they need so they never miss a doctor’s visit or any other kind of appointment.

Get from Point A to B and Beyond with Disability Assistance During Travel from Flair & Fine Care

Transport assistance for disabled individuals is easy with the skilled support workers at Flair & Fine Care. To learn more about how NDIS transport services can help you live a more autonomous life, get in touch today!

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Finding the right Transport Assistance for Disabled disability service provider can be complex and overwhelming. But when you choose to work with Flair & Fine Care, it’s a much simpler, stress-free process. To learn more about any of our disability services, get in touch today!

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