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Flair & Fine Care is a registered home care NDIS provider able to assist individuals with disabilities in everyday tasks. As NDIS home care providers, we help with cleaning, cooking, gardening, and more while also teaching these valuable skills. The goal isn’t to do everything for our participants. Rather, the goal is to give them the tools they need to live more empowered, independent lives. With NDIS home care, our participants gain confidence so they can continue to do bigger and better things.

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Home Care Support Workers That Tailor Their Assistance to Your Needs

No one should be uncomfortable living in their own home. But if everyday tasks are a challenge for you, this might be your reality. With home care assistance Australia from Flair & Fine Care, your everyday life becomes easier and your home becomes a more comfortable place to be.

Every participant is unique which is why it’s a crucial part of our mission at Flair & Fine Care to provide you with customised service. We want to make sure we are doing everything in our power not just to make day-to-day life easier for you but to also make sure you are equipped to build the life you want to live. 

Working closely with your family or guardian as well as your support coordination team is a key part of our process. We even match each participant to the home care support worker we believe will be the best fit for them. Our goal is for the support worker-participant relationship to be effortless and enjoyable.

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If you’d like more information on utilising home care support workers from Flair & Fine Care, get in touch today. We truly want to see all of our participants live their best lives!

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Finding the right disability service provider can be complex and overwhelming. But when you choose to work with Flair & Fine Care, it’s a much simpler, stress-free process. To learn more about any of our disability services, get in touch today!

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